Installment loan comparison.

Not every wish can be fulfilled with the help of your own financial means. This applies in particular to larger purchases, such as new or used cars, as well as expensive …

Installment loan for the unemployed.

It is difficult to obtain an installment loan for the unemployed, since income is very low during unemployment. Potential lenders assume that unemployment earnings are just living; For unemployment benefits, this …

Installment loan for pensioners – is there such a thing?

As soon as a person retires and is therefore no longer able to take up employment, it is not easy to pay all the bills with the pension. Insurance continues to …


Not every wish can be fulfilled with the help of your own financial means. This applies in particular to larger purchases, such as new or used cars, as well as expensive household appliances. In such cases, consumer installment loans in claim can take their budget increase . When you take out an installment loan, you quickly receive the required loan amount, with the maximum amount for installment loans being in the five-digit range. The loan amount is repaid in the form of constant monthly installments, which are paid at regular intervals over a certain term.

Make an extensive installment loan comparison

Make an extensive installment loan comparison

A large number of providers advertise on the market with installment loans on apparently favorable terms. However, not every loan is actually suitable for financing private wishes. For example, there are clear differences in monthly rates and interest rates. Above all, long terms and the resulting high overall interest rates later turn the initially cheap loan into a liquidity trap. It is therefore all the more important that consumers make an installment loan comparison using an installment loan calculator.

Compare online and save time

Compare online and save time

In the context of such an installment loan comparison, the conditions of different lenders are compared and the cheapest offers are highlighted. The consumer is spared the tedious search for relevant information. The installment loan comparison is also a non-binding service that can be used at no additional cost.

If the installment loan comparison delivers a suitable result, the consumer has the option of applying for the loan at the specified conditions. For this purpose, he transmits his personal data, on the basis of which the responsible credit institution carries out a credit check. The applicant’s creditworthiness in turn serves as the basis for the decision on whether to grant the loan amount. This does not apply to loans that are granted without a previous request to a credit agency.

Check debt rescheduling

Check debt rescheduling

Existing loans should also be checked from time to time with an installment loan comparison for possible savings. In periods of low interest rates, it can be worth terminating existing contracts and converting them into a cheap installment loan. Many banks can flexibly replace old contracts. It is important to compare here. Whether rescheduling is possible depends on the existing contractual conditions.

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